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Whether you are a prof at Regent College or at one of many schools in UBC Vancouver Campus Copiesmart has the right services for your to provide a copy of your class course package to your students. Copiesmart is the right place for your course package provide to your students. We provide a full service printing and binding of your book with your specification so you don’t need to worry about printing of any materials. Each UBC course package is custom ordered to the desire of the UBC or Regent College prof. They can be either purchased here at our store conveniently located in UBC village in Vancouver. Or the prof can have them picked up for distribution in their class. 

Copiesmart has been providing this service for over 19 years to all of the departments that teach at UBC in Vancouver campus. This service is provided to all of the Professors teaching at UBC at the beginning of semester where they provide the content for their course to be printed and bound ready for the upcoming school year.

All of these services is also available to the departments who like to have the books for the upcoming semester be printed and bound and shipped to their school. All of the services at Copiesmart is available either through web or by getting in touch with us. As well their is also local delivery available for all your purchases.

Each semester we see a new addition of books available for purchase in our store.

The following courses are available for the current semester:

September 2017 UBC Courses:

Course Number Section Number
Asia 411 001
Bio 300
Bio 301
Chin 461 001
Chin 481 part 1 903
Chin 481 003 & 904
Chin 481 002 & 004
Chin 445 002
Chin 491 001
Chin 491 003
Engl 100 006
Engl112 05D, 06B, 08D
German 301
HIST 100
Math 102
MFRE 516
Wood 276
Wood 386

September 2017 Regent College Courses:

BIBL 501
BIBL 600
INDS 501
INDS 535
LANG 500

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