Blueprint Printing

Blueprint Printing


The main component of any project is the blueprint for that site. Why not rely on someone locally who can translate the digital information to paper format. Here at Copiesmart we provide hassle free environment for all business to print their blueprint in Vancouver. Our customers include School of architecture in UBC and different companies calling The Greater Vancouver home.

Here at Copiesmart all of our blueprints are finished with either binding strips or staples. We have been providing full colour or black and white printing of blueprints to all of our Vancouver customers over the years.

The paper stock available is either the 24Lb architectural paper or polypropylene waterproof paper. Our HP printer produces high quality, fast, and reliable printing for all of your blueprints.

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Waterproof Blueprints

Waterproof Your Prints with Polypropylene

Blueprints usually need to stand the test of water, mud, sand, tools, and daily use. A good alternative to lamination is the usage of polypropylene product where it is lighter and easier to work with than lamination. Due to lightweight and durability they are recommended over vinyl or lamination.

With the normal rainy weather in Vancouver, These products are a good replacement of 24lb paper. This product is tearproof, waterproof and the blueprint will only needed to printed once during the lifespan of the project. This product is easy to maintain, wash, and to take care of and the construction crew love the durability as well. Similar products are found on marathon runners number tags, wrapping of houses, and Fedex envelopes.

Presentation Portfolio

Presentation Portfolio

Here at Copiesmart we have been producing many different forms of presentation portfolio for our Vancouver and UBC Community. We have the latest technology that produces high quality prints up to the size of 13” x 19”. Copiesmart has printed different presentation portfolio for the architectural students in the department of architecture at UBC here in Vancouver. Whether it is a blueprint printing or printing a full set of supporting documents for presentation Copiesmart is here to help assist in all your needs, so please get in touch with us to see how we can help your company.

Scanning & Copying

Blueprint Scanning & Copying

When it comes to saving old blueprints the best method is to turn them into digital documents. We have services and technology with  knowledgeable staff who are able to help with this process.

Besides digitization of documents many of our customers here in Vancouver require a copy for their site. Our fast, reliable, and hassle free services allows our customers to have a working copy in a short amount of time so their project is not on hold. Many companies located in Vancouver and UBC have relied on our services for many year. So please chat with us to see how we can help.