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Copiesmart is proud to be UBC’s provider of choice for large format printing in Vancouver. Offering large format printing for conferences, PhD and Masters level presentations and much more, we have produced polished and professional large format printing for a variety of UBC departments including Education, Geography, Geology, Architecture, and Commerce.

Copiesmart has also been providing their poster printing services for all industries in the Greater Vancouver Area. We have been providing poster printing for Simon Fraser University, Regent College, Langara College and other college and universities in The Greater Vancouver Area.

Copiesmart is glad to provide all of its printing services including large format to the Greater Vancouver Area residence. We can produce large prints for wedding, birthdays, and much more.

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File Setup

When you are ready to put together your file there are few procedures required to make your file prepared for printing.

  1. For designing a poster it is recommended to use software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign. Powerpoint is also another software which helps with presentation poster design.
  2. An important step is to create the correct size file for your poster that you need printed. For example if your print size is 24” x 36” the file size needs to be 24” x 36” as well.
  3. The colour profile for a the file needs to be set as CMYK with file DPI being in the range of 200 DPI to 300 DPI.
  4. There is a safe margin boundary of 1/4” that is required for any size of poster being designed.
  5. Lastly It is recommended to remove any visible layer in your file. In Adobe products this can be achieved through flattening or combination of all visible layers. In Microsoft Powerpoint all layers need to be grouped.
    1. For flattening in Adobe products please visit:
    2. For grouping in Microsoft Powerpoint please visit:

The following are the common sizes of print sizes that Copiesmart has printed over the years:

  • 24” x 36” : link to the files in photoshop, illustrator, powerpoint
  • 36” x 48”: link to the files in photoshop, illustrator, powerpoint
  • 36” x 60”: link to the files in photoshop, illustrator, powerpoint