Large Format Printing

  • Banner Stands

    A banner stand is one easy method to display the achievements and products that a company has to offer. Here at Copiesmart we have been providing different industries with retractable banners for the past 19 years. Throughout the years Copiesmart has provided many banners to faculties in UBC Vancouver Campus as well as companies around the Greater Vancouver Area. Each banner is printed on a durable vinyl block out banner which meets the customer’s specification. A wide selection of banners are available to order at any time. We continually stock our top of the line banners starting from 18” width up to 42” width. As well we do rent out large backdrops for portrait shooting as well as sponsored showcase backdrop. The material used for banners is a vinyl product that is water resistant and tear proof, so you can be assure that banner lasts a long time. Not sure what you need? Call 604.222.3189 Ready to order? Fill out the information below and ORDER ONLINE. Please call us for pricing and sizing for products: Media Banners, Tent Printing, Metal A-Frame Outdoor Stand, or Aluminum A-Frame.
  • Banners & Posters

    Copiesmart is proud to be UBC’s provider of choice for large format printing in Vancouver. Offering large format printing for conferences, PhD and Masters level presentations and much more, we have produced polished and professional large format printing for a variety of UBC departments including Education, Geography, Geology, Architecture, and Commerce. Copiesmart has also been providing their poster printing services for all industries in the Greater Vancouver Area. We have been providing poster printing for Simon Fraser University, Regent College, Langara College and other college and universities in The Greater Vancouver Area. Copiesmart is glad to provide all of its printing services including large format to the Greater Vancouver Area residence. We can produce large prints for wedding, birthdays, and much more. Our equipment includes :
    • 8 colour Cannon Pro-4000S capable of print size up to 42" in width
    • 4 colour Mutoh VJ 1324 Printer capable of print size up to 54" in width.
    The paper choices for poster paper includes the following items:
    • 46lb poster paper
    • 46lb photo matte paper or satin photo paper
    • Glossy Paper
    • Vinyl products
    • Fabric products
    Not sure what you need? Call 604.222.3189 Ready to order? Fill out the information below and ORDER ONLINE. Please use the order form below for submission of files which size is not available.
    Alternative Banners & Poster Size Order Form
  • Blueprint Printing

    The main component of any project is the blueprint for that site. Why not rely on someone locally who can translate the digital information to paper format. Here at Copiesmart we provide hassle free environment for all business to print their blueprint in Vancouver. Our customers include School of architecture in UBC and different companies calling The Greater Vancouver home. Here at Copiesmart all of our blueprints are finished with either binding strips or staples. We have been providing full colour or black and white printing of blueprints to all of our Vancouver customers over the years. The paper stock available is either the 24Lb architectural paper or polypropylene waterproof paper. Our HP printer produces high quality, fast, and reliable printing for all of your blueprints. Not sure what you need? Call 604.222.3189 Ready to order? Fill out the information below and ORDER ONLINE.
  • Canvas Printing Downtown

    Canvas printing at Copiesmart means providing high quality long lasting canvas print for many years of enjoyment. We use the best of quality material to print your memorable picture. We use the latest technology by Mutoh to print all canvas prints in full CMYK colour spectrum. So, experience the top-quality canvas printing in Downtown with us. To assure the best of quality your canvas is hand stretched to perfection. The final product is professionally folded and tucked to create seamless corners. All of our stretch bars used are all high quality Canadian wood custom made to meet our standards. When you have your file uploaded to our site the first thing we do we check for the image resolution to compared to the size of the file that you have selected. We make sure that the size of print matches the size of file you have uploaded. One the file has been approved we will proceed with printing. To making sure that your file meets our printing guide please follow the file preparation below.
  • Wall Mount

    A significant part of large format printing is wall mount printing. Wall mount printing includes printing on foam board, corrugated board, sintra board, and canvas printing. Each of these material’s is made for a specific usage. The method of printing varies from direct printing on the material or printing on a different substrate and sticking it to the material chosen. Whether this product is going to be used only once or is a permanent fixture at a location Copiesmart has the right solution for you. We have access to many different materials and products and we carry the foam board, sintra board, and corrugated board always in stock. Not sure what you need? Call 604.222.3189 Ready to order? Fill out the information below and ORDER ONLINE.