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When it comes to renewing of your passport photo or getting a new set of photos why not rely on someone who has been providing this service for the past 22 years. Here at Copiesmart you can be assured that the photo that you will be provided with by our team of experts will meet the requirement of the visa or passport application you are applying for.

Copiesmart staff has been providing this service to the UBC community of students, faculty, and the local Vancouver community. They have relied on our services to apply for application such as the Canadian Passport, Canadian Permanent Residency Program, Student Visas and much more.


Baby Passport Photo

When it comes to taking photos of the kids and toddler Copiesmart staff has the right knowledge and method to take a cut and appropriate baby photo for their passport or visa. Copiesmart staff has the experience to take photos of babies as young as 1 week old.
We can provide a photo that will suit the requirement of the visas or passport while making the experience an easy time for the parents.

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Important information and passport photo tips:

  • The passport office has improved security with their new digitizing equipment so it is very important that your photo will meet their requirements.
  • We recommend that you wear dark colour clothing since white colour is not acceptable.
  • We generally will ask you to remove glasses. As they will produce a reflection in the frame as well as obstructing your eye and would result in a rejected photo.
  • To eliminate shine on the skin we generally ask to remove excess oil build up by a tissue paper.

Please note:
Child photos must follow the same rules as for an Adult Passport

  • Photos must show the child’s head and shoulders only. Parent’s hands should not appear in the photo.
  • Dress your baby in something colourful.
  • Always have a favorite toy to attain their attention at all time.
  • Passport Canada recognizes the difficulty in obtaining a neutral expression of a newborn and will allow for some tolerance in this regard

For more information on Photo Specification and forms, please visit:

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