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A business needs to display its product and highlight of its achievements. Here at Copiesmart we carry a wide variety of products to enable your company shine in between the competition. Companies who call UBC community home and the business located in the Greater Vancouver Area have relied on Copiesmart to provide trade show displays for their business. 

Pop Up Display System

With a wide variety of selection a business can show their products through pop up displays, backdrops, or a complete booth for a walk through. Copiesmart uses the highest quality of material for display units with sturdy aluminum frame system.

All of the trade show displays will be printed on light durable fabric. These material makes it easier to carry the product form one show to another and is light for one person to assemble. Other products include tabletop displays and stands, pamphlet holders and much more.

These display unit’s come in a variety of sizes and configurations. With the usage of light aluminum frame system many configurations and layout are achievable.

Outdoor Displays

When it comes to an outdoor event why sell your product through a marketing campaign that is seen on your tent. A best selling feature is how customers are attracted to the representatives of the company.

Copiesmart provides a one stop shopping for all your outdoor display unit advertisement.

Below shows just a selection of products and services we provide. Copiesmart services can be accessed from any location in the Greater Vancouver Area. We do also provide delivery for all of our services to any location in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Please get in touch with us to determine the right product for you.

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Submit a Print Order – Trade Show Displays