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Submit a Print Order – Wedding Invitations & more

A wedding is a special time for any couple. Why not rely on someone who has been in the industry for over 19 years. Here at Copiesmart we have helped many couples get their wedding invitation, thank you cards, wedding programs, sitting list, dinner menu and more printed at one location. Copiesmart makes it easy to find answer to all of your needs in one location.

Copiesmart provides a variety of paper selection for printing or you can provide a  laser compatible paper that meets best suits your design and theme. Let one of our knowledgeable staff members help with making your printing hassle free.

You can find all the products related to your wedding in one location and we provide the following printing needs for any wedding:

  • Announcing the date is very important why not make the big splash with a colourful Save the Date card.
  • Customization will help to make your invite more memorable for you and loved ones
  • Every wedding is well appreciated by the guest and why not show your appreciation of your guest with a matching thank you card

Print custom dinner menu to match your design for the night

When your guest arrive why not have a chart so they can find their place easier

Place cards are a great way to help coordinate the night

Preparation is very important for your special night Why not let your friends know when it will take place

Coordinate all of your designs to provide harmony for your special night

Make it easier for your guest to find the location by using lawn signs or stands near the road

Not sure what you need? Call 604.222.3189 or fill out the online form for a detailed quote.

Submit a Print Order – Wedding Invitations & more