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We specialize in digital printing services and these include digital reproduction services, large format printing, and offset printing services.

We have been providing services such as digital reproduction, business card, poster printing, trade show display units, canvas printing and more.

Copiesmart Storefront

Copiesmart main location located at University Village in UBC Vancouver Campus.

Advantages to choosing copiesmart for digital printing?

Speed: Guaranteed same day turnaround service

Quality: Providing highest grade digital printing on all machinery

Pricing: We provide a detailed quote with each job

Paper Selection: Stocking the best material for your job


Why wait for a job that can be completed in the same day. Many of our competitors will make you wait for a days or will charge a premium fee to have your job completed in the same day. At Copiesmart all jobs have the same priority and they will completed in the same order that they had been submitted. All jobs have the same scale of priority and they will be completed in the same day or earlier. Copiesmart provides the lowest prices in the market and is always providing the same high quality of service for the past 19 years.

Pre-Printing Services:


Copiesmart always proofs all printing jobs to make sure that nothing is missing or misplaced. All orders taken in store will be proofed with one complete print with the customer to make sure the order is complete. All digital proofs are free in the form of a pdf.


General typesetting is available at an hourly rate of $50.00. If you are in a need of a designer please refer to our design services or call us.

Press Services:

Full Colour offset printing

For high quality full colour offset printing services on post card, flyers, pamphlets, books, and more please get in touch with us.

All offset printing is printed on a 5 colour offset printer:

This include Pantone Spot Colour

Pantone sport colours are available and can be added to all offset printing jobs

1 and 2 colour offset printing:

When you are looking specifically for a single or two colours this can be achieved either through digital printing or offset printing

Spot Varnish:

Make your business card shine with clear tone printing

Plastic Cards:

Similar to credit cards plastic card can be used for many different purposes. We can have them printed for you which matches your design.

Post Press Services:

Die cutting:

Prices will depend on the quantity of the batch being printed. This can be done for any size of card required. Prints can be single sided or double sided with full bleed.


Most documents and manuals have to be put in binders. A less expensive method is to have them all printed and then drilled. This method is time saving and cost effective.


When you like your logo to shine embossing is one method to show contrast on your document. These can be achieved on all printing. The price will be based on the job being completed.


A great method to save space when handing out a flyer. Prices is based on quantity and the type of folding.


We are happy to provide you with a competitive price quotation for copying and printing services such as large format printing, digital printing, posters and photo prints