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Saddle stitch bookbinding is an easy way to present the information in a booklet format. This process brings the pages together with two staples in the middle of the book. When one is in a rush to complete a project saddle stitch binding, booklet making, can be effective and time saving method. Saddle stitch binding can be achieved in a short run digital production or high volume publication. 

Copiesmart has been providing this service for over 19 years to the local UBC community and staff as well as the greater Vancouver Area. All of the services provided by Copiesmart can be ordered online and delivered to any location in the Greater Vancouver Area.

A variety of stock is available for the content of the book as well as a specific harder cover page can be used for the cover of the booklet. Paper selection for the inside pages ranges from 20Lb. Paper up to 100Lb text gloss paper. As for the cover selection ranges from 80Lb. Cover up to 16pt. The selection of paper and cover will vary depending on short run digital production or high volume publication.

Short Run Digital Production

In Short run digital production the books can be produced up to 100 pages of full colour and 80 pages of black and white. The books can be either printed in portrait or landscape in 8.5” x 11” size paper. The quantity printed in digital production starts from 10 books up to 500 and the number of pages can range from 4 pages up to 100 pages depending on colour or black and white.

Large Volume Publication Printing

In publication saddle stitch printing can be printed with any size of booklet and as small as a 5”x5” book with different variations in cover and paper. Publication runs start at a quantity of 500 and can be adapted to the needs of the customer. The covers can be customized with spot uv printing or raised printing.

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