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When one is looking for an inexpensive and a quicker turnaround for their thesis or book publication why not choose perfect binding. Production of perfect binding can be done in a quicker turnaround with reduction of manual labour and automation of finishing process. Copiesmart is a leading provider in this binding services in Vancouver for the past 19 years. University of British Columbia faculty and the graduate society have relied on Copiesmart services when it comes to their binding needs.

This binding is achieved through using hot glue to bind the content of the book together. The process is a very fast and efficient system. Each book is personally customized and bound for each customer. The covers are usually printed on a larger sheet to include full bleed printing when required.

Copiesmart uses the latest technology available in the binding industry. We provide all dimensions when it comes to perfect binding and the range of thickness starts at a ¼”  up to 3”. University of british columbia students and faculty including the local community has relied on our services for the past 19 years. Some of our customers include the British Columbia Mountaineers Club whom have relied on our products and services for the past 6 years to produce the B.C. Mountaineer guide book. For instructions in setting up your file please get in touch with one of our associates to help you create the proper file for printing and binding.

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