When it comes to protection of important documents and certification why not protect them with lamination. This is an effective and money saving procedure that can protect documents and materials that will be handled time and time again. Copiesmart has the services that will meet and exceed what our local UBC community is always looking for. Copiesmart provides double sided lamination and single sided for different purposes.

When it comes to protecting your small memorable and protecting documents in the office why not let copiesmart help you with our services. We can laminate from the size of 8.5” x 11” up to 24” in width.

Large Format Lamination

Copiesmart provides these services for different size papers. Our machines are capable of lamination with the maximum width of 24” for double sided. The lamination comes on a roll so the length is not significant as long as the width is under 24”.

For larger lamination beyond 24” in size copiesmart can provide a single sided lamination. Copiesmart provides the greatest care with your product.

Please get in touch with us about our lamination services.