Coil & Cerlox Binding

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Cerlox Binding

A simple and effective way to protect one’s pages is to have them bound in a simple cerlox binding. This is a cost effective binding that has been used for many years and is the preferred choice of binding for UBC Graduate society. Binding sizes starts at ¼” up to 2” which is equivalent to 300 pages being bound in one book.

Coil Binding

Coil BindingAnother form of binding that is very popular and effective while being cost efficient is coil binding. This form of binding does not damage the papers and the bound book will stay intact for a longer period of usage when compared to cerlox binding.

Copiesmart has been providing these services for many years to the UBC community and students. These forms of bindings are frequently used for manuals, class notes, and graduate of studies at UBC in Vancouver campus. A single book can be bound in less than 10 minutes and it helps to protect the content while make the professional presentation of material.